How to Become an Extra in “Yellowstone”

If you’re a fan of the hit TV show “Yellowstone” and would like to be an extra in it, here’s how you can find the latest casting calls for background actors.

Yellowstone is filmed in the state of Montana, and they likely give first preference to residents of Montana and/or Native American Indians.  However, it never hurts to inquire or submit your casting information.

As of this writing, filming is on hiatus for the Winter of 2022, but will likely start back up in Spring of 2023 or when the weather improves.

You must have a passport or ID such as state, military, school, resident alien card, Native American Tribal Document and social security card to be approved for work.

To apply, submit your full name, height, weight, age, clothing sizes, contact information, current occupation, city of residence and latest self photo.

Here are links you can check for the latest casting calls and filming information:

Yellowstone Extras Casting on Facebook

Yellowstone Casting Info Page

Montana Film Office Casting Calls

Where is Yellowstone Filmed?

In case you’re curious where Yellowstone has been filmed, some towns/cities include Missoula, Park City, Ogden, Spanish Fork and Darby, Montana.

The Dutton Ranch is a real location near Darby, MT that goes by the name of Chief Joseph Ranch and you can even rent Rip or Lee’s cabin to have an authentic Yellowstone experience!

Here is a view of the Dutton Ranch on Google Maps.  If visiting, you are welcome to take photos from the gates of the ranch entrance.  Please don’t block the driveway though.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

Good luck!