Tulsa King Season 2 Extras Casting Call

Update on Tulsa King Season 2 (as of February 12, 2024) – The latest news is Tulsa King Season 2 will be filmed in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

Stay tuned to this post and our newsletter when specific casting calls for extras are released.  Filming operations will be based out of Eagle Rock Studios in Norcross, Georgia.

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Georgia is one of the biggest filming hotspots in the country, partially due to productions that benefit from tax credits as well as lower production costs.

More updates coming soon…

Multiple sources have confirmed that Tulsa King Season 2 has been renewed, which could mean there will be background actor opportunities coming soon.

But, there are a few unknown variables.  The WGA writers’ strike could delay filming as the last one went on for 3 months or so.

It is also possible they have already done some of the filming for Season 2, so there may be more limited extra roles available.

There’s another possibility that Tulsa King will not be filmed in Oklahoma, but it’s still too early to tell.

Sylvester Stallone has said regarding Season 1 that he “had never worked so hard in his life” and there have been comments related to the summer heat that could be a deterrent.

They may decide to film some scenes in Oklahoma, and other scenes where it is more convenient (and enjoyable) for the principal roles.  Stay tuned for more details…

How to Be an Extra in Tulsa King Season 2

If you are interested in becoming an extra, a stand in or perhaps a biker in Tulsa King, Season 2, contact us and we can notify you when the official word is out.