How to Be Cast in a MrBeast Video

If you’ve always wanted to be in a MrBeast video, now is your chance to compete for a chance to win cash and other prizes.

MrBeast Casting has announced they have a big video coming soon and will need lots of people to compete in it.

Update: To increase your chances of being in a MrBeast video (as well as in movies & TV), check out our new guide “The Background Actor’s Handbook“.

They prefer people that live in North Carolina, but anyone around the world is welcome to apply.

Pro tip: If you do get selected, I recommend you watch many of his last challenge videos and look for clues on how and why some of the contestants won or got eliminated.

If you don’t get selected for this next video, you will still be kept in their database for future videos such as Squid Game.

Good luck!  Here is the direct link to their Google Form to apply, or use the tweet below: